At de Gouden Kooi let yourself be locked in with some friends or colleagues in a mysterious room. The key to success: solve interesting and various puzzles. Collaboration and inventiveness are crucial to succeed. Every room has its own story. You’ll be swept away, playing the leading part in an exciting movie! Whether or not the story will have a happy ending is totally
up to you…


Don’t be stressed. The spacious rooms are not scary and there’s no need for physical effort to play an escape game. Furthermore, you can leave the room at any time if you want to. Team spirit and resourcefulness  are what you need.




Our escape rooms

Each room is unique. Both the story and the puzzles are original and worked to perfection. Regularly one of the rooms is fully renovated, so every time a new adventure can be experienced. You are welcome from 2 to 6 people per room and the room is reserved just for you for 60 minutes. Each room is equipped with airconditioning.

Room 1

The treasure of Kalakmul

You are an adventurous treasure hunter. Loïc Mestagh, dean of the archeology faculty, calls out for your help. For quite some time all communication with the expedition team in the Mexican jungle has stopped. The team was searching for the famous Maya treasure of Kalakmul. Has the expedition failed? It’s up to you to investigate and determine what happened to the team and to retrieve the Mayan treasure.

Room 2

Cabin in the woods

In this story, you're a team of reputable detectives. You've been contacted by a couple of anxious parents. Their children have gone on a skiing trip to the Austrian Alps, but they haven't arrived back home when they were expected to... The parents have already tried to call them, but no response. The local police isn't of much help. Hence, your team goes to the location where these friends have been seen last: their skiing cabin in a little austrian village called Hippach. Can you retrieve these friend and solve the mystery?


Room 3

The master thief of Mechelen

This time you take the role of a notorious master thief. You've heard that Clint Dhoog, a millionaire who resides in Mechelen, is currently out of the country. This is the perfect time to invade his home and to steal his fortune. Are you able to subvert the security system, crack the safe and avoid the police?

Room 4

Lost in space

The year is 2466. Mankind slowly discovers the entire milkyway and travel from and to different planets is no longer fiction.

You are a group of space travelers, and you are on a expedition to an undiscovered planet. While exploring the planet, suddenly a darkness surrounds you... Where are you? What happened? Can you find your way back home?


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De Gouden Kooi is located at Gerechtstraat 10, 2800 Mechelen, België
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The price is determined per person and depends on the number of participants.


Booking one room costs a minimum of € 70 (for two people) and a maximum of

€ 120 (for 6 persons).

Number of persons







Price p.p.


€ 35

€ 30

€ 25

€ 22

€ 20