Can children play an escape game as well?

We have already received several groups of children. Based on these experiences, we would like to give the following advice:

- Children under 12 years old can play in a group where the majority is an adult.

- Children between 12 and 14 are preferably accompanied by at least one adult.

- Children over 14 years old can play the game perfectly without adults.

We monitor the game remotely and we can assist the children with tips and hints when necessary.


Are the rooms frightening?

No, none of the rooms is scary. We do, however, guarantee a lot of tension. Moreover, the rooms are big enough so you do not have to fear claustrophobic reactions. You can leave the room at any time, if needed.


Is a good physical fitness important?

No, the game is suitable for everyone. Physical efforts are not required.


How can I book?

You can book an escape game online by using our booking system. Please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call if you don't succeed.

If you wish to know if there're still rooms available today, please call us at (+32) 015/67.68.67.


How long does an escape Game at De Gouden Kooi take?

You have one hour to escape from the room. We would like to give you a basic explanation and make you warm to the story of the room you will play, so expect that you will spend about 1.5 hours with us.


When are the rooms renewed?

Our rooms are regularly fully refurbished, so you can experience a new adventure every time. If you want to be the first to know when a new room is ready, subscribe to our newsletter.


Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes, you can indeed. You can find all details here.

If you wish to book an escape game using a voucher, please use this link.


In which languages can you play the escape games?

We strive to make the various riddles and puzzles language independent. In the unlikely event that language still plays a role, we ensure that both Dutch, French and English people can play the escape game perfectly.


I have a gift voucher of UiT in Mechelen. Can I use this at De Gouden Kooi?

Yes, you certainly can. You book the ordinary way and pay the normal price. Bring your voucher with you the day of the escape game, and we will pay you the value of the voucher.


What to bring along?

You do not need anything except your common sense. Remember to bring your glasses if you wear one.

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